I Love You

Hello Ladies,

This past weekend I had the pleasure of witnessing my aunt and uncle as they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. My cousins planned a surprise anniversary party and it was absolutely amazing!
They were indeed surprised. My aunt, not knowing what was on the other side the door, stopped in her tracks as she entered the room and starting praising God when she saw all of her guest there! And when she saw her daughter and grandson from out of town, boy did she let out the joy; I mean those tears of joy just rolled down her face. We were all moved by the mere site of her bliss!
The evening was filled with acknowledgment and praise of the couples tenacity and strength to forge ahead during what could've been trying times over their 50 year marriage. They stood the test of time and they made the best of every moment.
My cousin who delivered the speech said, THIS is MY mother and THAT is MY father. Proudly she stood wearing the essence of two great parents delivering a message for all us about family.
Then my uncle charmingly performed the ceremony they never had. They were remarried formerly by a pastor and witnesses with the exchanging of rings and a song.
What a way to celebrate 50 years - with family, friends and love ones.
The evening filled my heart with appreciation and love!!!
Jonn and I were inspired to go for another 37 years to bring ourselves to such bliss as well!
I also realized that saying I love you is important and "thank you" is a must, not just to your spouse but to everyone whom you love.
What was so wonderful and moving about this special day is each of my aunt and uncles children stood to acknowledge, thank and praise their parents now while they are still alive.
It was important to the children that their parents heard the words from their lip.
So often we don't say things of the heart in the moment because of many reasons; we're often simply caught up in our day to day routine. Then unfortunately when and if something tragic happens, we desperately want to say I love you and I appreciate you or we wish we had.
Once is never enough, twice is just the beginning. Saying and showing your love must be paramount, I believe.
That picture of my aunt and uncle embracing each acknowledgement has stayed with me and I am present to love. All I have is this moment because who knows what the next one will bring.
All there is, is this moment. Love emerges from the shadows flowing, floating in the wind, in the moment, it is created.
Like a gush of wind forms from the unknown swirling, births a dancing funnel across the lands, love is born from a gush of your own creation.
From an unknown place within your hearts belonging, it forms, slowly evolving.
Out of nowhere, it is there. As quickly as it forms, it's gone disappearing in thin air.
Only in this very moment is it created. As your mind dreams life's romances in the shadows of passionate desires, IT, ahhhhhhh, sweet innocence, LOVE IS made real.