True Love- do you have it?

True Love- do you have it?
What is true love? Many search for it but never find it! A man finds a woman and thinks the world of her and then she turns out to be a night mare-love goes out the window!

A woman finds a man she adores and one mistake later he is out the door! That is not true love, so what is?
Kabi defined true love as "that which increases one moment and decreases the next is not love. That which remains in the heart and remains the same is true love"
Does that sound like something you have or share?
True love is faultless-which means even if in the event of a fault done by the one you love -your love still remains there like a mighty oak tree-Unchanging and unflinching!
True love means never getting angry, judgmental, hateful or temperamental with the one you love!
There is no motive behind true love, so if you are buying gifts to win her heart or to get her to sleep with you, it is not true love - it is,infatuation and prostitution!
In reality you only love someone because you have a need for that person. You have an idea about them that you like! Like "he will make a great dad, he will make a great husband or wife"
-this is not true love-this is a transaction that is soon to lose its sizzle!
Think about it for a second, when you don't get what you want from that person, or when that person spoils your idea you had about him or her-that love quickly turns to hate! You become so hateful you don't even want to see them anymore, your love turns to abhorrence and spite! That is not true love; true love comes without motive or expectations!
True love exists without selfishness and when there is no ego-when there is no feeling of mine or "this is mine-this is yours" then true love prevails, otherwise it is just an arrangement bound to fail!
This point is very difficult to understand but it is the truth-in reality what we call love is nothing but a "clown in a beautiful suit!" Its deceit and illusion. In reality you love the idea of the person and do not actually love the person!
If there were true love present, people would not break up without first hearing the other out. True love has the strength to outlast a hurricane of emotions and problems; true love is deep understanding and being by that person no matter what!
It is standing in the rain for the other when you could just as easily be standing in the shade! It is forgiving when the rest of the world tells you to throw them out!
True love does not compare- if you say "what did he do for me" "how come I am not appreciated" this is not love but a transaction!
True love has no motives-it is selfless!
True love is knowing how to forgive when everyone else says you should not... even the love between a mother and child is not really true love...because true love never decreases or increases! When that same child comes with good grades-he is loved, if the next moment he trashes the car he is hated!-this is not love because there is no understanding in it! Everything you do for that child is your obligation and not out of love! If it were pure love-you would not get angry at the child!
What most people have in this world is just infatuation and attraction. You are attracted to her because of her face, her voice or her body! But that same face will get old, that same face will get blemishes and pimples-then that "love" becomes hate and you start looking out of something new!
But guess what until you find the true love within, everyone you go to next will disappoint you and your love for them will quickly turn to hate!
You can't get bored with true love- it is always there for you-it never diminishes
So what kind of love do you have for the one you love or once loved? Did you truly love them? Look deep enough? And if you have been in a relationship and have lost it-look at it and see-was it true love or infatuation, was that person there for you at all times? Were you there for them-without motives!
I guess what I am saying is -true love is there-but it starts with you, if you don't love yourself or trust yourself, how can the other do the same for you-love them without condition and your true love grows, it grows into a beacon of light that attracts only the right kind of person to you!
Hope this helps you true love